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To enable you to focus your efforts on clients who are actively viewing searches and avoid clogging your system with ignored or abandoned searches, the system automatically detects searches that are consistently displaying no activity. If there has been no activity on a search for over 6 weeks, it is suspected to be an ignored search.

Ring.gif NOTE: The PropertyMinder system monitors searches that are scheduled to notify your clients about new listings on an ongoing and daily basis and which have generated a significant number of new property found notifications.

To prevent searches from being categorized as ignored searches:

Edit the MLS search notification criteria to change the new listing updates to go out weekly or monthly instead of ongoing. Searches that are scheduled with weekly or monthly notifications will not be included in ignored searches.

Ignored Searches Notification

The system proactively sends 2 email messages to clients with ignored searches, encouraging them to make use of the search results. At the same time, you as an agent will also receive a message notifying you about the ignored searches and their pending deletion.

Despite the two messages to your clients, if there is no activity on the searches for over 6 weeks and 7 days, the ignored searches are moved to the Ignored Searches folder where they are kept for 30 after which they are removed, unless you reactivate them before that.

TimelineMessage NotificationAbility to activate searches
After 3 weeks of inactivity Client & Agent receive notification messages Client can view searches and prevent them from being removed
After 7 more days of inactivity Message moved to Ignored Searches Agent can restore searches from Ignored to Active Searches
After 30 days in Ignored Searches Searches are automatically deleted Searches are permanently deleted and cannot be revived

  1. Client Notification I: Your Property Search, Do you need help?
    (click here to view the sample message)
    After over 21 days (3 weeks) of inactivity on searches, your clients will automatically receive a message reminding them about the searches and enquiring if they need any help or additional information. The message will include links to the ignored searches, so that the client can keep them active by clicking on the links.
    Agent Notification I: Ignored Searches Suspected
    After over 3 weeks of search inactivity, at the same time that your client receives the first notification message, you will also receive an email message indicating the ignored searches and associated clients.
  2. Client Notification II: Ignored Property Search, About to be deleted
    (click here to view the sample message)
    If after 3 more weeks (6 weeks total), there is still no activity; the client will receive another message informing them that the ignored searches will be removed after 7 days. The client can click on the search links in the message to keep the ignored searches active.
  3. System Action: 7 days after the second notification to the client, if the searches are still ignored by the client, they are inactivated and moved to "Ignored Searches". The client will no longer be able to view these searches. As an agent, you can reactivate these searches for your client if you believe that they have been inactivated in error.
    Agent Notification II: Ignored Searches Detected
  4. When an inactive search is moved to "Ignored Searches", you will receive a notification message. It is recommended that you review the searches in the "Ignored Searches" group and reactivate the searches that you believe should be active. Searches in this group will be permanently deleted in 30 days.

Ignored Searches Auto Clean Up

You have an option to turn off the auto clean up of ignored searches.

  1. On the left panel of the Toolkit, click Preferences.
  2. Scroll down to Ignored Search Preferences and check or uncheck the auto clean up of Ignored Searches.
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