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Your Transaction Progress Report tool allows you to provide information to your clients about important events, appointments and deadlines regarding the transaction. This information is provided in two ways: first, in the client private area of your website with an access-code-protected login that can be accessed 24 hours a day and seven days a week. And second, an e-mail reminder that is sent out every time you update the report, or want to send a note to your clients showing the work you are doing for them.

The information you include in your reports is permanently logged and is available for you and your clients 24/7 even after closing. If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, your calendar will be automatically updated and send you alerts/reminders 24 hours before the deadline or event is due.

To create a Transaction Progress Report for my clients

  1. Go to Transaction Progress Report on your Toolkit.
  2. There are 2 ways of creating a new Transaction Progress Report:
    • You can setup a contact first and then create a new Transaction Progress Report.
    • You can assign a new Transaction Progress Report to an existing contact.
  3. Fill in the Listing/Purchasing Property Address (the required fields are marked in red).
  4. Enter the Escrow Information (Escrow Closing date, Escrow Number, Escrow Officer name and phone).
  5. As the section on Escrow Information may not be applicable to your area, we have included a section on Closing Information to accurately reflect transaction details like contract acceptance date, scheduled closing date, and the name and phone number for the buyer's, seller's and lender's attorney.
  6. Remind your client about important dates and transaction deadlines.
  7. Inform your client about scheduled Inspections (Property, Termite, Roof).
  8. Provide additional information to be sent to your client in the text box (You can enter notes to your client. These notes will be kept in the progress report, so you may find it useful to date them and use them as a "log" of events.)
    • Click Send to email the report to your client. Your client will receive an email with the information you've entered along with the link to your ("Client Login" section) and the Login Information.
    • Before you send the Report you can click Preview to see how the Report will be shown on the client area on your site.
    Ring.gif ATTENTION. Make sure to return Back to Report Generator and click Send to submit the report to your client.
  9. When you click Send, you will get a "Thank you" screen with the client's login information.

To update a Transaction Progress Report

  1. Login to your Toolkit and go to Transaction Progress Report.
  2. To update the Transaction Progress Report you can select the address from the list (press radio button) and then click Continue.
  3. Update the Transaction Progress Report.
  4. Click Send to submit the report to your client.
  5. Before you send the Report, click Preview to see how the Report will be shown on your website.
    Ring.gif ATTENTION. Make sure to return Back to Report Generator and click Send to submit the report to your client.

When you have completed transaction you may archive the report you do not need anymore. Just click the archive link on the right side of the address. You can view the archived Transaction Progress Report from the client's profile.

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