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My Account section allows you to:

  • Add/change your billing information
  • Add/change domain names
  • Add, change or forward email boxes


To change your credit card:

  • Login to your Toolkit
  • Click My Account button on the left navigation panel.
  • Go to Billing Information section.
  • Fill in required fields and click Submit button.

If you have any questions concerning your billing information please forward them to

Domain Information

This section will list all current primary/secondary domains associated with your PropertyMinder service. Clicking the Register New Domain Name will forward you to our domain re-seller website, where you can check on availability and price as well as purchase new domain names.

Email Information

This section allows you to add emails associated with your website. You can have 2 mailboxes at one time for free and $5/month for additional emails. The size of each mailbox is 50 MB.

To make an email with your domain name, go to My Account section within the Toolkit left navigation.

Refer to Your Domains field and click Add email support link.

In Email Information section click Add New Mail Box and fill in your mailbox name and password fields.

Email Forwarding

You also have an option to forward your emails from the website to another mailbox.

  • To do so go to My account section of your Toolkit.
  • In section Forward Email From click Add New Forward.
  • Fill in the required fields and click OK.

WARNING: All email messages will be MOVED to the new email address and NOT COPIED.

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