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You can advertise Open Homes (yours or somebody else's) for the upcoming week with PropertyMinder's Open Homes Tool.

How to show Open Homes

  1. Go to Open Homes in your Toolkit.
  2. Enter the MLS number or multiple MLS numbers, then choose the day from the dropdown and click Add.
    Open homes.gif
  3. Update the description and click Save.
  4. To review the Open Homes, go to your website and click Open Homes.

How to activate Open Homes on your website

If you do not see the Open Homes button on your website, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Toolkit and go to the Website Editor.
  2. Open the Buttons page.
  3. Click Enable next to Open Houses page.
  4. Specify the order number of the Open Homes button.
    Open homes houses.gif

Ring.gifRemember to remove the open home from your website after the date of the event to prevent it from being repeated the next week.

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