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Website Statistics

PropertyMinder offers several options for examining the way your visitors use your website. One of these tools is the Website Statistics tab.

This page gives you a summary of your Toolkit operations. It lists important information like:

  • Showing Appointment Requests
  • New Online Search Requests
  • Clients who have viewed the searches/listings from their personal organizer.
  • Number of New Contacts in your CRM (Client Relationship Management)
  • New Captured Visitors statistics. The table below shows a summary of all the major lead capture categories.

Website statistics.jpg

  • To choose the time period for which you want to view the activity on your website: go to the Time Period drop down box on the top right side of the screen, choose the time period and click Go.

The Website Statistics Page Shows:

  • The number of hits for the general website and the featured listing page.
  • The total number of Active Searches and a link to the page that lists the active searches.
  • The total number of Featured Listings (pocket or exclusive) and a link to the Inventory Manager tool.
  • The total number of Open Homes scheduled for the week and a link to the Open Homes tool where you can schedule or update the open houses on your website.
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