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Toolkit Overview How to Use Auto Lead Capture
Watch this video to learn the Categories/Sub-Categories of your toolkit and how to quickly navigate through it Check out this video to learn how to customize the setup of your Front Page Auto Lead Capture & Auto Respondent
Updating My Account Information Website Editor
In this video learn how to edit your personal account information; including Changing Passwords, Contact Information, Email Info, and Company Logo. Watch this video to learn how to Customize the look of your website. Including design, banner, color and image options!
How to Create a Custom Page How to Create Lead Capture Forms
Watch this video to learn how to quickly make Custom Pages on your website! Click a couple buttons and add a description, it’s that easy! Watch this video to learn step by step instructions on how to create and place Lead Capture Forms on your PM website.
Contact Management Importing Contacts
Watch this video for tips on how to better manage your Contact List including information on how to add a New Contact or Creating a new Group! In this video learn how to import your contacts to your PropertyMinder CRM. Including how to do it with Microsoft Outlook!
Inventory Manager MLS Searches
Add featured listings, pocket inventory and rentals to your website listing showcase. Watch this video to learn how to setup and assign specific MLS searches to multiple clients, along with setting up Automated Follow-Up Scheduling for your clients.
How to Create Custom IDX Links Open Houses And Winning Listings
Check out this video to learn how to quickly Create a Custom IDX Link, and how to add it to your Website, Blog, or Facebook Page! Watch this video to learn tips and tricks on how to take your Open Houses to the next level, and how to use your PropertyMinder website to win more listings!
Transaction Progress Report Follow Up Campaigns
Watch this video to learn how manage your Transaction Reports, and how to create new ones. Check out this video to learn how to create and send Follow Up Campaigns to all of your contacts!
Virtual Tour Uploading Disclosures and Supporting Documents
In this video learn how to make your listings stand out by learning step by step how to create Virtual Tours! Great for Listing Presentations! Do you have specific Documents you want to attach to certain listings? Watch this video to find out how!
Comparable Market Analysis
Watch this video to learn the steps in creating a home Value summary by creating and sending them a Comparable Market Analysis report!
Interactive Map Search Android Email Setup
Interactive Map Search - MLS & IDX for Real Estate Have a brand new Android Smart Phone? Watch this video to learn how to sync your PropertyMinder Email right to your Android Phone!

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