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PropertyMinder offers you to chose between different website layouts with different color schemes. Changing the theme and layout will affect on your design: navigation buttons, header, footer, slideshows, but it will not change your content.

Please pay attention to the fact that each theme has specific requirements for image size.

Please check the information below. It will help you chose the theme and layout which fit your tasks and desire.

Terra - Configuration Terra V2 - Configuration Urban - Configuration
Terra.gif Design terra v2.jpg Urban.jpg
Drift - Configuration HomeScape - Configuration HomeScape V2 - Configuration
Drift.jpg HomeScape.jpg Design homescape v2.jpg
Left Navigation Animated Left Navigation Featured Listings Left Navigation Standard
Left Navigation animated.jpg Left Navigation FL.jpg Left Navigation standard.jpg
Top Navigation Animated Top Navigation Featured Listings Top Navigation Standard
Top Navigation animated.jpg Top Navigation FL.jpg Top Navigation standard.jpg
Big Intro Layout Top menu with notes
Big intro on first page.jpg Top menu with notes under.jpg
Classic 1 - Configuration Classic 2 - Configuration Classic 3 - Configuration
Design-classic-1.jpg Design-classic-2.jpg Design-classic-3.jpg
Classic 4 - Configuration Classic 5 - Configuration Classic 6 - Configuration
Design-classic-4.jpg Design-classic-5.jpg Design-classic-6.jpg
Classic 7 - Configuration
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