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The Classic 3 design consists of rotating photos, and a maximum of 5 webpages across the top of the Homepage.


The Menu is the 5(max) webpages across the top of the homepage. These are the only webpages that are able to have drop-down menus, and the webpage has to have been created first and appear in your Website Editor then Buttons section to be selected. There is no limit to the number of Drop-down menus you can have.


ADD – Make a drop-down menu from an existing webpage. Click the webpage to drop off of, and click ADD. Select the webpage, and click OK. The drop-down webpage should indent underneath the webpage you selected

EDIT – Change an existing webpage to a different webpage. Click the one to change, and click EDIT. Select the webpage to replace it with, and click OK

REMOVE – Remove the webpage selected from the top of the Homepage. You get a Maximum of 5 “parent” webpages at the top

UP – Move the selected webpage Up the list

DOWN – Move the selected webpage Down the list

LINK – The webpage itself. Click here to select the webpage you want.

TITLE – The name of the webpage

TEXT – A short description of the webpage. You will read this TEXT if you hover with your mouse on the Homepage

The Banner is the rotating photo section on the Homepage. Image dimensions should be 679*235 pixels. There is no limit to the number of photos that may be selected.


Click CHANGE SLIDES below the list of existing photos. This will open Page 1 of about 7 pages of stock photos you may choose from. Simply click the picture you want on your Homepage, and it will appear above the OK and CANCEL buttons.


Click the photos that you do not want rotating from above the OK and CANCEL buttons. They will disappear as you click them.


Above the check boxes at the top, click the CUSTOM FILES tab. Here you may upload your own photos to use on your Website.

Ring.gif Remember: The photos that appear above the OK and CANCEL buttons are the photos you have selected to rotate on the website, in the order that you see them here.

Make sure to click SAVE when you are finished making changes!

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