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Dear Clients,

Thank you for being a loyal customer of PropertyMinder. You are receiving this message since you have been a dedicated client for many years. Recently, our development team has been working on our updated AccelerAgent website platform. This new generation platform contains many tools, website design themes, drop down menu options, and other features that our original platform could not provide.

The new AccelerAgent platform has your website design (plus many others) built in which can be switched back and forth to at any time. Also, we want to assure you that all your photos, logos and custom pages will be copied. All you will need to do is to choose a new design and color scheme.

You will have until May 15th, 2012 to update your site. All logos, photos and custom pages will be copied over. You will not lose any data. You will only need to select your new template design and color scheme. After that, all websites on the old platform will be migrated automatically.

To migrate to our new AccelerAgent platform, please login to your Toolkit and follow the prompts to upgrade. If you would like to have us do it for you, please email support@propertyminder.com and a website technician will handle it for you.

After you click Upgrade, go to the Website Editor and select Website Designer to choose a new layout. Please also visit our Wiki pages to get accustomed to our new Website Editor and design layouts.

For those of you who adore our framed designs, we have created similar layouts using the newest web technologies. You may find these layouts under Classic name after you transfer your framed website to a frame-less designs.

An example of what your site will look like after the update:

Before After
1before.jpg 1after.jpg
2before.jpg 2after.jpg
3before.jpg 3after.jpg
4before.jpg 4after.jpg
5before.jpg 5after.jpg
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