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How to post a listing to Craig's List?

  1. Login to your Toolkit and go to your Inventory Manager.
  2. Find the listing that you would like to post to Craigslist and then select Post to Craigslist. You will only be able to post the listings associated with your Agent ID.
    Inventory manager craiglist2.gif
  3. Update your Posting Title if necessary.
    Inventory manager craiglist3.gif
  4. Enter in your email address that you have used to register for You can choose to Show, Hide or Anonymize your email address. To avoid spammers, we recommend that you either Hide or Anonymize your email address.
  5. Select Your Ad Style.
    Inventory manager craiglist4.gif
  6. Select your preferred text and background color.
    Inventory manager craiglist5.gif
  7. Select Change Image if you want to add a background image to your post.
  8. You can drag and drop the Order of Items to change the layout of the post. Select Preview to review your post and then select Send to Queue.
    Inventory manager craiglist6.gif
  9. Select the Location, Category and Type of the property and then select Send to Queue.
    Inventory manager craiglist7.gif
  10. From your Inventory Manager, you can select the Craigslist Queue to see the status of the posting. You can click Open button and check the date. then you will see the history of postings for that date.
    Inventory manager craiglist8.gif

The listings in the Craigslist Queue will get processed at the start of the hour and then in 30 minutes intervals. If you post your listing at 9:15AM, the queue will be run at 9:30AM. You will need to check your email for the Craigslist confirmation email. You will need to verify that email before the listing will post to

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