How can I create multiple groups of listings through the Inventory Manager

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  1. Login to your Admin Toolkit and go to your Inventory Manager.
  1. Select Hot Lists.
  1. Click on New Hot List.
    Hot list00.jpg
  2. Name the new link in the Title section. If you would like to make it an active link on your homepage, then check Show in site menu. Enter in any keywords under the Meta Title, Description and Keywords. Select Create to create the new listings group.
    Hot list01.jpg
  3. After you have created the new group, you can add listings by MLS# to the new group. Select Add to add your listings. You can add as many listings as you like to your new group.
    Hot list010.jpg
  4. Please note that you can create as many of these listings groups as you need. This is helpful in sorting your listings either by type or status.
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