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For now PropertyMinder offers you several design layouts through HomeScape and Standard designs.

How to change the design, style or the color scheme of my website

You can change your website design yourself at any time.

  1. Log in to the Toolkit.
  2. Click Website Editor on the left panel of the Toolkit screen.
  3. In the Website Designer chose one of our design layouts. Click on the icon of desired layout and then Preview to see how your website will look like. Play with different color schemas to see which fits you preferences. If want to set up the layout click Ok and Save.
  4. To change banners, links and buttons order on the page of Website Designer click on the icon of your design and them Select&Configure. Do not forget to save your changes!
    On the page Website Editor there is also a direct link Configure design.
  5. You have an option to show the text footer on your homepage or not (For Sellers/For Buyers text on the homepage). You can customize the text by simply clicking the link "change" right next to the Show Footer checkbox.

How to adjust the settings of the HomeScape layout

Once your website layout gets switched to HomeScape, you may customize your design settings.

  1. Login to your Toolkit and click on the Website Editor link on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select Website Designer.
  3. Click on the thumbnail of HomeScape layout and click the Select&Configure button.
  4. Edit Header Buttons. These are your top navigation buttons. You can choose up to 5 from your existing website buttons and edit their titles. To modify the button click on it and then press the Edit button. To change the order of buttons move them using Up and Down buttons.
  5. Edit MLS settings. Choose the MLS, default state and county for quick MLS search shortcut on the home page.
  6. Featured Listings. Choose the maximum number of listings for featured listings grid on home page.
  7. Banner settings. To select the pictures for front page animation click the Change Slides button. You can either choose the slides from the PropertyMinder media library or upload your own images.
    • To choose from the media library, click on the Show tags filter button to simplify your search. Now check off the desired category and select images. You can check more than one category, to uncheck them all at once use the Uncheck All button.
    • To upload your own photos go to the Custom files management tab. You can upload image files from your computer. Uploaded photos will be available to select/deselect from Custom Files tab.
    View currently selected items on the bottom of the screen and if you wish, change the order of images using arrow buttons. Click OK when you are done.
    NOTE: We recommend that you select no more than 5-6 images to avoid slow homepage load time.
  8. Edit Quick Links. These are quick navigation links, which appear on your homepage near the MLS search form. You can choose up to 3 from your existing website buttons and edit their titles and brief descriptions. To modify the button click on it and then press the Edit button. To change the order of buttons move them using the Up and Down buttons.
  9. Click on the Save button when finished.
  10. Now you may want to create/edit the voice message for your website or edit website footer. To do that, go to Footer and Voice Settings tab of Website Designer and make the necessary changes.

Ring.gifNOTE: If you previously had our framed design, you will not be able to return to your previous layout; however you can choose from our Standard or Homescape frameless design portfolio.

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