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PropertyMinder has just released Calendar. This new powerful tool helps you organize you daily work by creating tasks and reminders, schedule meetings and much more.


Calendar Views

There are several views for calendar: Day, Work Week, Week, Month.

  • Day View by default shows today's tasks.
  • Work Week View shows current work week (from Monday to Friday by default)
  • Week View shows current week
  • Month View shows current month.

Every view has navigation buttons next/previous day/week/month on the right corner.

Create task

There are several way to create new task.

  1. You can set up new task by clicking New appointment link from client contact page.
    When you create the task from client page, the task will be submitted to the clients profile automatically.
  2. Another way to set up the task is to click Create new task link from Calendar page.
    When you create the task this way, you will have to add attandees email manually, if you want them to be notified before the event/meeting. You can add attandees name/nickname. So, you will be know who you meet with, but the task will not be assigned to you CRM contact.

Unforunately you can not set up the task by clicking the day/time of the calendar. If you click on the task, it will be opened in read only mode.

Also the task will be created automatically when you set up the Open House. Calendar003.jpg



The Synchrnize button was created because you have 2 opportunities to create tasks from Toolkit (CRM, Calendar) and from your Zimbra's Calendar. So, when you create tasks from Zimbra, you need to transfer your data to Toolkit. To do that just click Synchronize link.

Calendar Editor

The Calendarin functionality in your Toolkit provide you with the most usefull features like creating tasks, view the timetable. To use the full available funcionality follow Calendar Editor link.

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