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What documents can I find in the Resource Center?

You can find PDF formatted forms, reports, help manuals, white papers, tutorials and guides in the Resource Center. Click Resources on the left panel of your Toolkit and then click on a link to download a selected document.

iMARKETING Tutorials

• Marketing Seminar

Search Engines Advertising

• Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Program Details

• A Guide to PPC Advertising

• PPC Subscription Agreement

• Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Lead Forms

• Open Homes Lead Form

For Sellers Reports:

• Staging Your Home

• What is that smell?

• Hiring a Real Estate Agent

• Home Inspection

• Foreclosure Risk

• I want to sell my own home.

For Buyers Reports:

• Buyer Home Inspection

• Preparing to Buy

• Condo or Single Family Home

• New home or a resale?

• Moving Tips

• You need a Realtor

• Renting vs Buying

Free Reports:

• Tips for the homebuyers GETTING STARTED

• Tips for the homebuyers GENERAL FINANCING QUESTIONS

• Tips for the homebuyers CLOSING


• Making Your Move Less Stressful

• Real Estate Terms Dictionary

Account Billing Form:

• Billing Form - update your credit card information online.

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