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What is Mobile Alert?

With PropertyMinder Mobile Alert, you can get notified on your cell phone or mobile device when a new lead makes a request on your website.

Mobile Alert allows you to get instant updates about appointment requests from your clients, new online search requests, price change notifications or new listings found.

To configure your phone service with your PropertyMinder website:

1. Provide your mobile device email address in the box corresponding to the type of alert you choose to receive.

2. Contact your wireless service provider, if you do not know the email address at which you can receive messages on your mobile device.

3. After you type your email in the fields based on the type of notifications you want to be alerted about, mark the "Mobile Format" check box if you want to receive the message in a concise text format (the text format is recommended).

4. All notifications will be sent to these additional emails in short "Mobile format". It will not affect the notifications sent to your primary email account.

5. Click Submit to save changes.

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