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  1. Login to your Toolkit and go to MLS Searches.
  2. Click New Search.
  3. Select Class and property Status.
  4. For active searches indicate if you would like to get comparables (subject to the MLS system support).
  5. Select the area for your search (up to 20 areas are permitted).
  6. Test the search by clicking Search MLS at the bottom of the page.
  7. You can delete unwanted listings from the Properties found list by checking the delete box.
  8. If you are satisfied, click Save Search.
  9. Select a client from the existing Contact list, or click Create new client to add a new entry to your CRM.
  10. Continue to the next page and name your search.
  11. Select how frequently you want to run this search. We recommend that you choose a high frequency when setting-up searches for "A" buyers and low frequency for less committed buyers.
  12. Choose if you want the system to send you an email notification and place a copy of the results into your client's personal area.
  13. Hide/show address, hide/show map, hide/show Virtual Tour link, hide/show listing description.
    MLS searches.gif
  14. Customize the notification message.
  15. Click Activate Search.
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