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  1. To delete a contact or multiple contacts from your CRM, you must login to your Toolkit.
  2. Go to Client Relationship Management.
  3. Select Contact List to see a list of all your contacts.
  4. Search for your contact by name or email address.
    Select search.gif
  5. On the right hand side of each contact you will see a checkbox. Check the box and click the button Delete all checked. This action will not only delete the contact but also delete all associated searches.
    Select contact list.gif
  6. For multiple deletion check multiple boxes at one time. You are allowed to delete maximum of 100 contacts.

Ring.gif WARNING: Please be attentive while deleting the contacts.

On the right hand side of the contact record, you will see a grey trash can icon. Click on the trash can icon to delete the contact.

Select OK to confirm that you would like to delete this contact. Deleting the contact will also delete any searches for this contact.

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