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PropertyMinder's comprehensive client tracking tools monitor your client's activities, send alerts and offer detailed reports on demand for a particular listing. The Client Tracking tool is used to find the most recent increases in your client activities and spot the most active clients. Agents can use the Client Analyzer to further scrutinize the client's data to determine their motivational level.

This tool helps agents track client search activity, know who visits your website and determine which listings your buyers look at and when.

  1. Login to your Toolkit and go to MLS Searches (or refer to quick links).
  2. Click the Client Tracking button.
  3. You can choose the Time Period and Activity Type. Also you can request the report for certain contact or for all of you contacts.
  • To download the report into a file click Export clients activity link
  • You also can send the message to all filtered contacts.
  • To analyze the activity of the client over a period of time, click the Graph Client button to the right side of the client's email address.
  • If you want to add a comment to any client's activity just click Edit link in the Comment column.

MLS searches client traking.jpg

Client Analyzer

The Client Analyzer further extends PropertyMinder's powerful Client Tracking capability.

Using some proprietary algorithms, the Client Analyzer can interpret and display selected client activities over a specified period of time in an easy to read graphical format. You can measure each client's motivational level and analyze viewed listings and showing appointment request reports.

For instance the following graph represents a client's activity over an 6-week period.

Client analyzer.jpg

Once the upward trend is detected, a closer look is recommended. Finally, a more detailed view can reveal your clients interest in specific properties and indicate their motivational level.

To analyze the activity of the client over a period of time:

  1. Login to your Toolkit and go to MLS Searches.
  2. Click the Client Tracking button.
  3. Click the Client Analyzer link.
  4. Select a contact.
  5. Click GO.
  6. Review the client analyzer report information.
  7. Scroll down to view the summary tables for "Appointment Statistics", "Properties Viewed" and "Online Search Requests".

MLS searches viewed.jpg

Daily client activity reports

In order to keep you updated on what your clients' activity we offer you the Daily client activity report. Use these reports to analyze the trends and frequency in buyer activity and properties viewed. Spot buyers who are ready to be contacted.

This report is emailed you on default. If you do not wish to receive this report:

  1. Go to MLS Searches on your Toolkit.
  2. Click the MLS Searches button and then click Daily Notifications
  3. Uncheck "Yes, I would like to receive Daily Client's Activity email" and submit the change.
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