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To start a new search, click on the Search button.

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Fill out the desired fields and click Apply Search.

If you click Save Search, your search criteria will be saved to your Favorites area on your Real Estate website. Unfortunately, it is impossibles to view the saved searches criteria, and results with the mobile application.

The Clear Search button returns the fields to the default empty state.

After you click the Apply Search button, you will see a list of results. For now the list is limited to 20 results. To sort the results click on the Price, Location, Bd/Ba or Sq. Ft buttons on the top of the screen. You can also double click a button to reverse the results order, for example Price would show highest to lowest, or clicking it again would show lowest to highest.
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Mobile04.gif To see search results on the map, click on the Map button. Listings with different meanings will be higlighted with different colors.
Green - Means the Listing is Active;
Green (with star) - An Active Listing that's in your Favorites List;
Yellow - Means the Listing is in a Pending State;
Blue - Is the Listing that you have clicked on;

If you click grey button in top right corner, it will show your position on the map and the closest listing to you.

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Mobile05.gif Mobile03.gif
To add the listing to the Favorites list, click on the listing and then the Add to Favorities button. All favorite listings will be highlighted in the search results with an orange star.
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To set up a search with a different MLS, click on Reset Property Area in the Options menu. The Reset login button will allow someone to log in as a different user.
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