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Questions from Agents

Q: How do I purchase my own Mobile App?

A: Since the PropertyMinder mobile application uses IDX data, a real estate agent must also have a PropertyMinder website package with IDX and a domain name. New Clients must signup for the Premium or Office website package.

PropertyMinder clients who have Premium (Platinum), Ultra, or Office/Enterprise will get the mobile app with their account for free. Clients on an Office/Enterprise package will only get 1 license (mobile app) to distribute. Agents within that office will have to get a Lite Site with IDX, in order to get the Mobile App Upgrade.

Q: Do I need to own a smartphone to provide a mobile app to my clients?

A: Agents or PropertyMinder clients don’t necessarily have to own a smartphone device. However, Home buyers and end users who will be using your mobile app will need a smartphone to access it.

Q: What smartphone devices does the PropertyMinder Mobile App work on?

A: iPhone and Android Smartphones

Q: Does the Property Minder app work on iPads and Android tablets?

A: Currently, the Property Minder app works for iPads and Android tablets but it is not yet optimized for the high resolution. Please be on the lookout in the future for updates. To enable or disable the mobile detect popup to show for iPad and Android tablet visitors to your PropertyMinder website, please login to your Toolkit and go to the Preferences area.

Q: Why is there an Activation Code? And where do I get one?

A: Activation Codes attach the end user to a specific Realtor's mobile application. PropertyMinder clients will have to specify their Activation Code before they distribute the mobile app in the Preferences area of the Toolkit.

If you are an end user, please ask your Realtor for their Activation Code so that you can use their branded version of the mobile app.

Q: Where can visitors search for property listings?

A: Since the mobile app uses IDX data from the real estate agent's local area, only property listings for that local area will be allowed on that given agents mobile app.

Questions from Home Buyers (End Users)

Q: Why do users have to register after putting in the Activation Code?

A: Your Realtor has required this option so that you are able to save searches, add favorites, and receive daily listing alert emails.

Q: How do I contact the Realtor if I’m interested in a property?

A: There are several ways to contact an agent in regards to the property you’re interested in. First, you can press the Click to Call button (phone icon on listing detail) and your phone will automatically dial the Realtor. 2nd, you can click the “request more info” or “request appointment” button and your Realtor will get all the details of the property via email.

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